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60 iPads simultaneously stream video from TQ5403 access points

一次同時連線 60 台 iPad ,1.5 Mbps 的 streaming bit rate 同時播放不delay !?
Allied Telesis 日本實驗室瘋狂驗證,同時播放音樂視訊,在東京的校園實地測驗,真金不怕火鍊。
We created a wireless network with 60 iPads connected to Allied Telesis TQ5403 series access points, to verify that all 60 tablets could simultaneously stream the music video. 
The video, with a streaming bit rate of 1.5 Mbps, was received successfully by the Safari web browser on all 60 iPads simultaneously.
註:影片來自 Allied Telesis 日本官網

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